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Review: The Lost Nightmare

The Lost Nightmare is the story of two entities, the Sandman and the Bogeyman, and a little nightmare named Ink. Ink has been chosen by to become the next Bogeyman but he is too gentle and nice. Instead of conjuring something frightening he makes a few bunnies and is promptly scolded. Then one night a bunny made of golden light appears before him and says, 

“If you go to the Sandman, he can make you a good dream, so follow the moon and you’ll be there soon!”

So off Ink goes, to hopefully become a good dream, but the Sandman is not what he seems, and the forest that must be crossed first is fraught with dangers and perils of all sorts. 

I love how this story takes the two biggest dream entities and sort of turns them on their heads. Where the Sandman is seen as the protector of dreams more often, here he has become the villain and the Bogeyman is just trying his best to protect the nightmares as much as possible. It’s a lovely switch that plays beautifully along with the art style. It’s a relatively short story, however, but it is quite a read regardless, one I’m sure will stand the test of time.

The art is just gorgeous, having both lands of dreams and nightmares contrast each other quite nicely but somehow making the Sandman's domain the scarier of the two. Sure the Bogeyman’s kingdom is dark and gloomy, but it seems safer and kinder there while the land of good dreams is desolate and bleak. 

I love this story so much, it takes the concepts we learned as children and turns them around, it has beautiful art that just matches the story on the dot, and it is a great read in general. I’m not sure if the artist has a Patreon or not but you can check out her store if you want to buy some of her merch. Also be sure to turn off adblock when you read the comic. Every little bit helps ya know? And if you enjoy my reviews please be sure to support me on patreon!

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.