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Review: Stick in the Mud


Stick in the mud is a story of a guy named Rod whose life is slowly deteriorating into something he is not all that comfortable with. He just got dumped by his girlfriend and to make things worse his sister bought some alien moonshine that had them all blackout and he ended up buying a bar. On a strange note, the bar turns out to be a frequented place by devils and monsters from across the veil. Pretty weird huh?

This story has some of the best comedy I have seen before. They take the situation and just keep living in their new circumstances. Rod starts running the bar, which he dubs “Rod’s”, and begins the task of learning about his otherworldly customers and learning the ways of magic. His friends live their lives as the try to make it by, and his sister becomes a warrior for a group known as the Order of the True Human Race, which is an organization dedicated to eradicating all non human life, and John (Rod’s sister) seems to be using her position to only party harder than she usually does.

The art style is very minimalist relying on darker colors and shadows to paint a scene, blacks, whites, and greens. Heavy lines make for very distinguished silhouettes and each person has their own personality and expressions. Rod is a very gruff guy, but is kind at heart perfect for the bartender position, his sister is a wild, enthusiastic dj party animal who is drunk more often than not. Each character that comes across the panels is full of life and has their own breath, I adore it.

This comic does have nudity, swearing, drug and alcohol use, sex. So a big ol’ NSFW warning to go along with my recommendation. Keep out of reach of young children, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars, you get the gist. 

If you like a story of a guy running a bar with some supernatural tones thrown in give Stick in the Mud a chance.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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