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Review: Shadowbinders

Shadowbinders is another world-hopping story about a young woman named Mia White. She is just your average suburban girl living your average teenage life. Being a fourteen-year-old girl means she lives with her parents as well as her little brother, goes to school, and gets visited by her grandmother. Her story begins with a dream of a strange man dressed in a red coat hurling fire towards some strange creatures while aboard a sky ship of some sort. She’s been having these dreams a lot recently, and they are on her mind all the time. Then her grandma visits and gives her an old book and a strange puzzle box, and that is when her life as she knows it turns upside down. Literally.

I love this comic, it has many of my favorite tropes and genre as well as amazing characters. Mia is such a perfect example of a totally normal person experiencing very abnormal circumstances. So far she isn’t some chosen one or the fabled hero come to save the day. Mia White is just a girl who happened to be given a magic ring. Now hopefully we get some explanation on where this ring came from but for now, we must be content with what has been placed in front of us and wait patiently.

The art style is very traditional looking, having an almost painted feel to it. It is very different than what I’m used to seeing, with most webcomics having a very crisp sort of finish this one feels softer. I’m not sure how to put it better than that really, just read it and you’ll see what I mean. All in all, I love the style and could read this comic for hours and hours. Which I did several times while writing this so I could try and get the words I felt typed out properly. 

Overall this is a fun “Steamfantasy” story that has plenty of action, intrigue, and mystery. Give it a look, get hooked, and let me know how you like it though maybe in like an hour or something because I’ll be busy reading it again. 

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And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.