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Review: Sfeer Theory

According to Sfeer theory, everything has a sfeer and all within are subject to that sfeer’s will. Whether it is you or I, or even an innocent marble. It is a wondrous for of magic that doesn’t so much bend or break the laws of reality, but just coaxes them to act as they were meant to on a bigger scale.

Sfeer Theory is a comic about the very theory it is titled for. Everything in this world is believed to have a cyclical nature, and all things obey this nature. It is a strange form of magic that i have never seen before, and am so happy to have found it. As an avid reader of all things fantasy, I’ve read stories of all sorts of magics ranging from summoning beasts of grand sizes to raising the dead. This so called Sfeer Theory poses a very interesting question in terms of fantasy, and I can’t wait to continue reading more.

Our Main character is a young man named Luca Valentino, who seems to have a strange talent for manipulating sfeers. Despite being an introvert he is capable of coaxing the sfeer of a marble to influence the sfeer of an entire classroom. A wondrous talent, one I can’t wait to see develop.

The art is very clean and crisp around the locations and characters, giving a great feel for the surroundings and people within the world itself, while having dynamic swooping lines to show the effects of magic happening in a panel. The two contrast each other beautifully, showing the differences between the physical and the ethereal.

The story is intriguing, focusing on a young man who has apparently gone completely unnoticed for most of his life at the institute he works and learns at, so much so that almost everyone never gets his name right. It shows that a protagonist isn’t always the center of lime light or s great hero right away.

If, like me, you’re interested in reading of magic, give this wonderful story a read through. And if you want to show support, while they don’t appear to have a patreon (I could be wrong, if so, shoot me a link and I’ll make a post for it!) you can check out the artists Tumblr here and click that big ol’ donate button at the top. And if you like my reviews, check out my Patreon!

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.