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Review: Scurry

Scurry is a post-apocalyptic comic that focuses not on the last remnants of human survivors struggling to live in a destroyed world but instead shows us the lives of a colony of mice as well as various other animals living in a world without humans whom they have come to rely on for their daily lives.

We open with a young scavenger named Wix and his rat friend named Umf looking through a house for food and other supplies, sadly many of the houses in the area have been picked clean years ago. He does his best to find even the smallest scrap that was missed and winds up in a desperate situation involving a few cats, including one named Titan who he seems to have a history with. One narrow escape later and the two rodents make their back to the colony where everything is hanging by a single thread and one mouse wants to tug on it until he has his way.

Now this story is fantastic while relying on the tropes of the apocalypse genre, it gives the reader a new perspective by focusing on the animals after all the humans have long since died, or at least we think they died. We are always taught that if humans vanished from the face of the Earth the world would continue to spin with even a thought spared by the remaining creatures, but what if that wasn’t the case? It’s such an interesting “What if” scenario with loads of potential some of which has already been displayed in the story so far. There is action, drama, intrigue and much more just brimming with story and peaking my curiosity of this version of our world. I honestly think this is one of my favorite comics of its type so far, and I intend to keep reading it until its last page. I don’t know why, but I keep wanting to compare it all to The Rats of Nym for some reason, they aren’t really similar at all but given long enough I’m sure someone could find a few things.

The art is just gorgeous using a realistic style instead of a more cartoony one that would, in my opinion, really subtract from the entire experience. As it is now, the world is shown to be what you would expect it to be. Dark, dangerous, and filled with predators that want to eat our main characters. From cats to hawks, foxes to moose, crows and much more, we see a world of animals simply living and in some cases watching. Each and every page is amazing to look at, from the fine details to the lighting and atmospheric tones. It is all well refined and practiced obviously showing the love the creator has for this project.

If you like stories of the apocalypse as well as ones with animal main characters, I highly recommend you check out Scurry, you won’t be disappointed.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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