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Review: R:IL Persona

R:IL Persona is an action webcomic about a young man who wakes up in the middle of a bloodbath with no memory of how he got there, who he is, or even and I’m quoting here “when he last took a shit.” Needless to say, things are quite confusing for our amnesiac hero.

Thankfully he wasn’t there alone because soon his partner shows up and gives him, and by extension us, a quick rundown of the status quo. His name is Rade and she is Strykes, they are both members of a special combat unit known as Diavolo and they are both highly trained assassins. Or at least Rade is supposed to be, but with his memories gone his has to rely on simple muscle memory and gut feelings. Honestly, this is where our story begins but I have an inclination to think that this isn’t where Rade’s does and I can’t wait to see how this bloody, political sci-fi story takes us.

Speaking of, the story itself takes place in the middle of a war and we get plenty of perspective as the story switches occasionally between the two sides. We see how a commanding officer views the people she is charged with protecting, as well as get some interesting hints at a backstory from a foot soldier. So far though we’ve only had enough information to have the world of this comic built so what we lack is entirely contextual much like Rade himself. He lacks information so why shouldn’t the readers as well? It will make it that much more fun when we get the answers we want.

The art style borrows heavily from manga and anime, having large over the top expressions as well as having Japanese text popping up for attack or ability names, not to mention the actual title itself.

As a fan of all sorts of manga I personally don’t really have an issue with the style, I feel right at home in fact since I was reading manga way before I ever got into comics or webcomics. I can see how some other people might think they are trying to “copy” or “rip off” the style but that’s the thing, it’s a style. I’ve read plenty of comics that have inspirations from manga, and some manga with inspiration from western comics. It is really going to depend on your personal taste.

Now there hasn’t been anything that would require me to post this to patreon only, but I do feel the need to warn any of you who might be squeamish that R:IL Persona is bloody and violent. No punches are pulled here, you see blood and guts in the first chapter so be warned.

If you like mysteries, carnage, and aren’t afraid of a crude line of two, then give this a read. If not let me know what kind of comics you do like. I’m always happy to check out more.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

If you end up liking this story why not show your support by purchasing the issues over at Amazon for the kindle if you have it, or over at Comixology if you just want to read it straight from your browser, and if you want to keep up with the crew of R:IL Person, check out their twitter over @rilpersona. If you like my reviews why not become a patron over on my Patreon campaign? Every little bit helps.