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Review: No Need for Bushido

No Need for Bushido is a samurai action comic centering around a young princess named Ina Senshin who after learning of an unwanted marriage plan decides to run away to avoid it. On her way to find some semblance of control over her life she approaches a group of bandits and is subsequently almost robbed. It is then when Ina is saved by our next protagonist Yorikiro, a young samurai who just happened to be wandering by, what follows is a series of events that lead to shenanigans involving Kabuki theater, drunken brawls, a priest that has some strange sayings, and all out war.

This story is wonderfully written, though in the beginning chapters the focus is mostly comedy. There are some funny jokes here and there with names as well as jabs at Canada for some reason….. Anyways, it is apparently not necessary to start at chapter one (although as a webcomic completionist I did). They have a pretty good recap of the comic over here after a hiatus a while back. They say that if you don’t want to start from the beginning you can just jump over to the chapter The Foreigners, although I personally enjoyed reading it all.

The art at first is, and you’re probably really tired of me saying this, rough and pretty sketchy, but as I’ve said I love seeing the evolution of an artists style. It shows how they have improved over the years, this comic having been published online for over a decade. To show you how drastic of an improvement the art takes as you read just look at the above page then click on the jump to later on. 

This is a great comic with plenty of action including some very well done sword fighting, some romance, heartache, and good old fashioned rival clans trying to kill one another. Give it a read, get hooked, and come along for a ride filled with clashing steel.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

While I couldn’t find a parteon for this comic there have been some kickstarters to bring the book to print, keep you eye out and consider backing them again in the future. Like my reviews? Consider supporting me on my patreon page.