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Review: My Pet Succubus

My Pet Succubus is another gag a day slice of life style comic centering around the people of a certain household, the main two in today’s page are Natasha, the grand witch and Giselle, daughter of Belphegor, and book club president! It has been Natasha’s dream to have her very own pet succubus to do all sorts of things with, but what she gets is a somewhat naive young demon who enjoys anime and cosplay more than anything else.

There isn’t much of a story here, aside from a few pages that add up to what could be described as an “arch” every now and then, mostly sticking to the one off style that is associated with gag a day comics. Each page has its own joke, but also manages to expand a bit on the universe of the comic once in a while. Sometimes the jokes made are clever, and other times, not so much.

The art is delightful, having a more cartoony feel with those big anime expressions thrown in for effect.It’s incredibly fun to watch these characters interact and just play off each other so well. When one of them does something, it doesn’t necessarily cause any harm or have any consequences to the rest, with the occasional magical mishap throwing a wrench into things, but those are fun to see and watch the jokes and fold.

While this is a gag style comic, it can be risque and lewd sometimes, so I do have to give it an NSFW tag, just for safety reasons, and so nobody can say I didn’t warn them. There isn’t really any nudity, but nudity is sometimes the punchline of a joke, what with a succubus and a busty witch living together, it’s going to happen one way or another.

The jokes can be lewd, some are clever, some miss the mark, but over all, this is a delightful comic, worth your time if you just so happen to stumble across it like I did.

And, as always, i hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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