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Review: My Life with Fel

Apologies for the late post of today’s review. It has been storming a lot recently, and as a result I keep losing internet for extended periods of time, which is inconvenient all around. To top it off, I got caught up playing Dark Souls 3, so I found myself playing that for about three hours, but you’re not here for that, you’re here for a webcomic review! Let’s get going shall we?

My Life with Fel is a not so average story about a not so average guy, who meets a not so average girl, and they live their not so average lives. If anything I would call this a gag-a-day/slice-of-life webcomic because there are pages that are just of them and their shenanigans, and then there are portions that have major story points. It’s quite an interesting balance this comic makes.

Our story is about a man who finds a strange tiger woman in his garbage one day, and decides to care for her. As a result, the two wind up living together as a couple. We later learn that Fel is the result of a science experiment to push the human evolution cycle forward, but the government of course decided they wanted super soldiers, as is their want. 

The story is a little scattered about in my opinion, but the comic itself is done every monday in a “24 hour comic” fashion from what I read in the about page, and the level of work and dedication that takes is truly inspiring, but as I have only gotten so far into the comic, I can only give my first hand feelings towards it, as well as my thoughts.

The art looks almost to be done in water colors, yet has a kind of purposefully rough kind of feel to it. It might not be your favorite art style, but you may find it growing on you after a while.

There are a few grammatical and spelling errors strewn about, but keep in mind that English is probably not the creators first language, so hold your not picking until you’ve read a fair bit before you decide to rant about how a few words are misspelled, Ok?

This comic does have kind of risque undertones all about, so I’ll have to give it an NSFW warning, but it’s not too bad. The artist does to more adult side comics, so unless you want to read some straight up porn, I’d avoid those if I were you, but since I’m not, I’ll be reading them sometime in the future.

If you like love stories with comedy thrown in, with lots and lots of adult jokes, maybe you’ll find yourself liking My Life with Fel?

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

If you wanna show your support to the artist, consider becoming a patron on his Patreon Campaign, or even following his tumblr if you want to get notified on updates to the comic, and if you like my reviews, I also have a patreon you can join if you feel up to it!