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Review: Legend of the Hare

Legend of the Hare is the story of a young woman named Jill Leverett, a fast food worker with a side job as a bassist for a band. Her life is as unremarkable as you can guess, she hates her job, pestered constantly by her roommate for rent money she doesn’t have, and has no decent gigs with her band. That all changes of course when a talking rabbit suddenly appears in her closet and whisks her away to a strange tower full of talking animals that is ruled by evil rats. They have chosen Jill as their champion and it is her duty to try and overthrow the rats fro their seat of power. Probably not the best of choices.

The story itself is one of those genres with no real name as far as I know. The one where the hero/heroine taken to a different dimension/world and is the chosen one of some great prophecy or just random chance and it is up to them to save the day somehow. While this “genre” is by no means small, Legend of the Hare does give us something new, our main character does not want any part of this what so ever in the beginning. All Jill wants is to live out her safe risk free existence for the rest of her days, that is until she has a falling out with one of her band mates and one of the enemies within the tower pays her a visit and tells Jill just how pathetic her life really is.

The art is very round in my opinion. The characters have no distinct angles, just curves that flow together wonderfully. The contrast being the environment has plenty of angled surfaces so the characters really pop and are never lost against the backgrounds. While it isn’t my favorite kind of art style, I can definitely appreciate the work that the creators have put into it.

If you like a fantasy story with a few differences than the usual mystic babble, and are prepared for some touchy subjects like depression and blood, I recommend giving Legend of the Hare a read. With only one chapter completed so far, it’s a perfect time to catch up before it has a million pages.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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