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Review: Kill Six Billion Demons

Kill 6 Billion Demons is a fantasy story about gods, demons, immortals, and a young woman who just wanted to get laid. Sadly, just before she could do the deed a large entity appeared in her room and forced a strange light into her skull, her boyfriend was stolen, and she was transported to a far of place she could never have conceived in her wildest dreams, she was taken to the land of Throne, the hub world that all universes branch off of in the great wheel of the multiverse. In her journey Allison Wanda Ruth will face dangers on a cosmic scale, learn to control her new found powers, and quite possibly rescue her boyfriend who is being held captive by angels. Damn, talk about a roller coaster of events.

This is another webcomic I’ve known about for a while now and am just getting to it at long last and I have to say I am sorely upset that I never read it before last week. KSBD has pretty much everything I love in a story tied together almost flawlessly. There are dozen if not hundreds of thousands of awesome creature and character designs, the world is absolutely dense with lore and mythologies, the story is well written and just all around a great adventure, and each main character is so unique and full of life that I can’t help but fall in love with each of them.

The art is a totally unique style belonging solely to the creator. The monsters, demons, angels and every single creature are absolutely one of a kind with their own personalities and lives. I will say in the first few pages Allison looks a bit bony and stick like, but that is completely forgiven in later pages. The environments are also some of my favorite of any story I’ve read so far with sweeping views, crammed city streets, and even voids are depicted wonderfully, so much so that I could wax on for hours and hours, but I’ll keep it concise and say I freaking love the backgrounds.

Over all, I love Kill Six Billion Demons, I love it and intend to follow it to its end. If you like fantasy of this scale, and aren’t a bit queasy when it comes to blood and violence then I highly recommend you check out this comic. You can follow the creator on their tumblr @orbitaldropkick, their twitter of the same name, and as usual if you want to support this story they have a Patreon campaign. Show them some love and support if you can! If you like my reviews, be sure to check out my own Patreon as well. I appreciate every single one of you for reading and following thanks again, even though I could never say it enough.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.