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Review: Honey Crab

Honey Crab is a wonderfully animated webcomic about a young woman named “Luka” Koller who is suddenly granted a strange and mysterious power after a dare turned accident. 

The comic opens with a game style name screen, a wonderful touch since the name you give her actually carries through the rest of the comic adding a slightly deeper connection to the character right from the start. I named her “Luka” so for the sake of the review I’ll stick with that.

Our story begins with Luka playing her favorite game “Honey Bun” on the final boss and about to get the high score. Upon its inevitable defeat, she eagerly waits for the game to tally up her points, show her completion time, rate her item collection, and finally grant her the perfect score with a 100% exploration rate. Sadly it appears that she missed something and it tauntingly tells her to try again next time. The resulting scream of frustration wakes her father and prompts a mini-lecture/promise of bedtime alterations should she be able to stay awake through breakfast the next day. That next day turns out to be full bravery on her part, but also some rash decisions as a dare turns into Luka plummeting off the edge of what we discover to be the tower like island that they live on. This is where she meets a strange old woman with a crab claw for a hand, and this youngs girls life looks to be changed drastically as a result.

Honey Crab is relatively new from what I can tell but even with its young age, there is a very obvious love put behind each and every panel and animation. The music, as well as the lighting and atmosphere, do wonders for the mood from synthesizer songs at the beginning to highlight the game she’s playing all the way to Ghibli styled music as they make their way to the beach for work. I could listen to that tune for hours it’s so relaxing.

When the crab woman shows up there is an obvious mystery to her that is only barely touched upon. I’d love to see more of her story, but since this isn;t about her just yet we’ll have to be patient for the moment. Color me excited for where this plot thread goes.

The art is just stunning looking almost like each part was free handed with water colors. I can almost see someone setting up and easel and doing each scene one at a time. The transitions from page to page are amazingly done as well, sliding around to show who is speaking when as well as giving a sort of faux movement to the characters. You do have the option of turning the animations off and reading it as a normal comic but I think you would really be missing out on one of the charms Honey Crab has to offer.

All in all, I think this comic has a lot of potential behind it. It has a spunky main character, (Who you can name yourself. Really love that touch) a mystery that is to be unraveled, and some beautiful art. If the art alone isn’t enough to get you hooked I don’t know what will.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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