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Review: Headless Bliss

Headless Bliss is another lovely story by the amazing Chloé C. This particular one is very different from Go get a Roomie which I reviewed way back when.

This webcomic takes place in a world of demons, chaos, and cruelty. Our protagonist is a young demon princess by the name ofAnnùn who wakes up from a lovely dream one morning, the problem is demons aren’t supposed to dream. They have nightmares. Annùn heads off to class and is promptly thrown out for sassing the teacher aft which she stumbles upon a small portal and is thrust into the wastelands where she meets another demon, or at least she thinks it’s another demon, named Sinaj.

In truth, Sinaj is an abandoned and unfinished story looking for something that may possibly lead to her ending. What this means for Annùn who has grown incredibly attached to Sinaj only time can really tell.

This is a very metaphysical kind of comic, centering on more of a concept given personification. While the main character is very lighthearted and joyful, the atmosphere itself is rather dark and gruesome. It foreshadows even darker moments later on but holds a bit of light in how the two heroines care for one another. How this story plays out is a mystery to me as it is to you, and I am genuinely happy that it is the way it is.

The art, where Go get a Roomie was incredibly stable and grounded, Headless Bliss has a very chaotic kind of flow to it. If I had to describe it I would say it feels like a river that is rushing in every possible direction at once, chaotic and frightening, but still has a flowing nature at its essence. The world Chloé has painted is stunningly beautiful, but also incredibly terrifying. when it needs to be. 

All in all Headless Bliss is a wonderful comic with dark and light in balance and I am happy to see one of my favorite artists evolving and continuing to put their amazing stories into the world. 

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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