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Review: Earthsong

Earthsong is the story of planets, stars and their children. In this universe every world is inhabited by different species and race, and every planet is sentient with a different element flowing through their cores. The elements are the life blood of the planets and also are how they form their first children, their Adams and Eves as it were. Sadly, the planets are suffering from a plague of sorts. Their elements are “leaking” to their surface and infecting the children, giving them a strange stone that grants them amazing powers at the price of siphoning the life of their planet. In an attempt to save the children and planets, a plan is formed, the children with stones will be taken to a planet who has yet to create their Eve, and they will reside there until such a time that they can return safely. The one who is chosen as the care taker of these children is called Earthsong, and her surface while bare of her own children, is home to countless others who call her world home.

This story is probably one of my favorites, I found it when I was still in school and have been reading it over and over. It has such an interesting lore that extends past the sentient races and species all the way to the planets and stars that dot the heavens. There is an antagonist in Earthsong, but I’ll let you find out his story on your own as it would involved quite a few spoilers should I mention anything about him. I can mention the main character however, her name is Willow, an amnesiac who finds herself on Earthsong’s surface with no idea on how she arrived there. Her journey to discover who she is and where she came from is full of twists and turns I’m sure you’ll love.

The art style in the first few pages has been updated to the current style, then suddenly switches to the original mid chapter. It’s a bit jarring and makes it a bit hard to focus at first, but once you adapt to you should be able to enjoy the rest of the story no problem. 

I really do love this comic, the art is colorful and full of life, and the story is so dense with lore I could spend hours sifting through it and making theories. If you can, maybe let me know some of yours some time if you happen to pick this one up and add it to your read list.

If you want to watch the very cosmos themselves live and breath, then I highly recommend giving Earthsong a read.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

There is Patreon for Earthsong if you feel like want to help support it, and if you like my reviews I have my own patreon if you are interested.