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Review: Curia Regis

Curia Regis is a comic set in the year 16xx, the seventeenth century. It is a conspiracy story around the revolution of a kingdom and the murder of many people. To take from the about section, “ It’s about how people act under pressure, and the consequences of those actions. It’s about what happens when someone takes your ability to make your own decisions. At its heart, it’s about a man who should have been King, and the shit he pulls to make it happen.”

While I’m more a fan of sci-fi or high fantasy, I can still enjoy a good period story. This one in particular, while a bit convoluted, is very engaging in how the characters interact with one another, as well as the research the creator did for certain subject, for example dementia. There is a heart wrenching scene when the main female attempts to communicate with her father and all the while he continues slipping further and further away until he physically strikes her in his confusion. While I personally don’t have any experience with dealing with this horrible illness, I feel those few pages capture it very, very well.

The art is incredibly good, each location, and each person is completely unique. Though everyone occasionally seems a bit too round in my opinion. (but what’s one Texan know?) The colors are spot on for each scene as well, giving wonderful atmosphere and lighting. I love to pause on a page every now and then just to take in the backgrounds most of the time.

If you find yourself enjoying it as well, consider donating to the comic or maybe try buying some merchandise from the store. Not sure if they have a Patreon, but if they do, please let me know so I may link to it as soon as possible!

While on the subject of Patreon, I have recently launched my own! Check it out if you have the time, and spread the word to people you think have an interest in webcomics and such.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.