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Review: The Inheritors

The Inheritors is a webcomic set in a nondescript time, in a nondescript place after a strange meteor strike of some sort decimates a portion of land the size of which we don't know yet. What we do know, however is that this strange tragedy lead to a few odd consequences: One, a few people exposed to whatever crashed gained mysterious powers, Two: these people are feared for their abilities because not only are they a danger to their communities for obvious reasons, but also because anyone with powers has a chance to turn into something called an ID monster if you aren't properly vaccinated. ID monsters are sort of like zombies I suppose, but so far there really isn't a whole lot of information about them, so I'll just speculate along with all of you.

Our main characters seem to be a group of high schoolers, a few girls who are more bullies than anything named Inez, Shyea, and one other whose name escapes me, sorry about that, as well as a new young woman named Darla. While the other three are mostly bullies at this point, Darla is pretty much their opposite. She is kind, nerdy, and has a big secret. She's an Inheritor, one of the few who don't seem to turn into ID without the vaccination. What could possibly happen in her future? I don't know, let's all keep reading and find out together.

The art is just gorgeous. There is pretty much perfect anatomy on everyone, the shading is amazing, and the backgrounds are god damn lovely. Sure it's all in black and white with grey shades, but it seems to fit this story in just the right way. There are parts where color does show up, like when ID monsters show up, their eyes are bright red which gives an astounding contrast to the world we see throughout the comic.

The story is interesting, we don't know what really happened, we have little to no information on whatever the ID really are, and we have a group of characters that have interesting personalities, even the bully girls are all individual and unique. There is enough mystery to pull you in at first, and even more to keep you coming back again and again. 

If you want to read a superhero comic that does some new and interesting things, while giving a great story, I highly recommend you give this one a good hard read. 

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And, as always, I hope you enjoy, as much as I do.