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Graphic Novel Review: The Chronicles of Nick- Infinity

Today’s review is yet another Graphic Novel Adaptation of a series of books I’ve read numerous times. While I have yet to read all of the Dark Hunter books, The Chronicles of Nick is probably one of my favorites to read and the manga version is actually pretty good as well.

Infinity is the story of a young boy from New Orleans, Louisianna named Nicholas A. Gautier (pronounced Go-shay) who lives with his mother in poverty. He works his butt off to make sure he can get a better life for her as well as himself but with people constantly bullying him and making comments about his mother working at a strip club he can’t help but get into a few fights every now and then. Nick is the type who can take abuse when it is directed at himself, but the moment you say anything about his loved ones he starts throwing punches, and it wouldn’t be so bad if that kind of behavior was what may damn him in the end.

You see, while raised as a normal gawky teenager, Nick is actually an incredibly powerful demon known as the Malachai, the embodiment of all hatred and pain that could ever be, incapable of love or being loved, and conceived in violence to do violence. His powers are dormant, however, thanks to some very well placed seals, gods, demons, and angels all intent on keeping this kid on the path of good, or killing him if he should stray down towards evil. 

Nick’s life is one sucker punch after another, he gets beat down, but keeps standing back up with that stubborn Cajun pride of his. Will he fulfill the prophecy that says he may be the first Malachai capable of love? Or will he fall and bring about the end of all things? I have no earthly idea, but let’s enjoy the ride while we can.

The manga adaptation is actually very well done, though it does suffer a bit from a few characters having “same face”, but it’s not too bad if you compare it to something else with the same problem. I always personally had an issue with the actual novels, that being they feel incredibly short. It’s almost as if they were supposed to all be one large book instead of split into a series. The manga, however, flows pretty well considering that most other manga series end abruptly every volume then pick up immediately in the next. Makes me think that the series should have been put out as a manga in the first place, but what can you do? C'est la vie as they say. 

While not the most perfect series in the world, this adaptation is probably one of the best I’ve seen. They keep to the story, making sure not to cut out massive chunks that would ruin development. The action scenes look awesome and almost make me wish for an animated version to go along with it, and it just is a great read. Though I should probably find time to go through the other Dark Hunter books sometime.

If you’re interested in giving the original books a read or even checking the manga out, they can be found on pretty much every book and comic site out there. Give them a try and let me know what you think. A fair warning, though, these books can get pretty heavy, and the others have some very touchy subjects so be advised that there is an NSFW warning for young readers.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.