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Review: Chronicles of Atlum: Cross

Chronicles of Atlum: Cross is an anthropomorphic webcomic about a city that is ruled by a tyrannical white wolf named Nicholai Frost and the vigilante rebels that fight against him, aptly named Cross.

Our story begins in a tiny candy shop somewhere in the city of Atlum, capital of Felia, where a young fox named Leon Crevan is closing up shop when suddenly the Minister himself walks in, apparently having some car troubles. Out of nowhere a young woman storms in and kills all the men and the Minister, who we quickly learn was a body double set up to lure her out somehow. She inadvertently drags Leon into the mess and does her best to get him to safety without putting a bullet in him from the start.

The art is very good although the characters occasionally look very static in certain panels despite the action that is presented to us. The guns could also use some work since it looks like the grips are a bit too long but I don’t really hold that against the comic, just more of a minor nitpick really. I can see this comics art steadily improving down the line and honestly can’t wait to see how much it changes as the story progresses.

The story is a gritty rebels versus dictator. I find the characters enjoyable so far, but can’t really say too much about the plot since not much has been developed in the world just yet. It has mostly been the characters interacting, getting to know each other and by extension us getting to know them. I actually quite like the pacing so far, letting the story slowly build itself a nice foundation and giving us some characters to get attached to though I’m pretty sure some of them are gonna die and end up making the audience hurt something fierce, but hey that’s good reading right there if you ask me.

Over all, Cross is an interesting concept and a wonderful story. If you like this kind of webcomic then give it a read, let me know what you think of it so far, and if you’re a fan of anthros then just consider that a bonus. If you feel like supporting the artist and writer consider checking out her Patreon page and if you like my reviews here’s my Patreon as well.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.