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Review: Castoff

Castoff is a story within one of my favorite genre of all time, fantasy. With magic, strange creatures, heroes villains, and a series of strange events that lead to some sort of adventure I always have a nice place in my life for more fantasy stories.

The comic opens up with a very strange prologue, a person of unknown gender and decent is sitting bound in a chair in the center of a rather large magic circle, which if you’re well versed in fiction you know is never a good sign. Two cloaked individuals cast some sort of spell that results in some odd little orbs being ejected from the persons body, and what follows can only be described as unforeseen consequences. The orbs seem to recollect at the body and almost like the Big Bang, simply explode outward, each one landing in a different place and near a different person. So begins our story, with a mystery that really needs solving.

I love how Castoff opens its curtains, it is very suspenseful and mysterious while at the same time giving you hints at possible future characters, even showing a tiny bit of their characters sometimes. The magic here is also interesting. While most of the time mages can just pull from the mana within or without, here the creator chooses to go along the lines of needing some kind of focus called a Magi Gem. So far we haven’t seen magic that is very eye catching unless you count a scared boy glowing like a sun and teleporting randomly, but I just jot that down to instinct, for now, that and plot of course.

The art is very well done, with obvious practice and very defined lines in the backgrounds and the character designs. Each set has a unique atmosphere and the people have their own distinct impressions, ranging from timid and scared to very brash and dead pan. Of course with only three chapters up so far, I’m looking forward to how they improve in both art and storytelling. 

If you end up being a fan of this comic consider becoming a patron over at their Patreon, or maybe following them on their Tumblr over at@starfishsketches . If you want to keep up with the story there is also a separate Tumblr for the comic as well @castoff-comic . If you like my reviews why not consider telling people about me or even becoming a patron over at my own Patreon for as little as a dollar.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.