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Review: Between Failures

Between Failures is a slice of life webcomic that centers on a group of friends and coworkers at a nondescript store somewhere in Kansas. They have their ups and downs, grow closer as friends, and poke fun at each other every few minutes.

We open with one Thomas Blackwell, a man who seems to have no drive or motivation for anything. All he does is try and manipulate his surroundings as best he can so as not to have to worry about his small bubble coming crashing around him. The thing is, he's actually good at it, if it wasn't for his grating personality he could very well be a manager himself. Of course, that's when we first meet him, as the story progresses we find he is struggling with his own demons, and seems to just want what any other person wants at any given day. 

The art is very heavy on the black and whites at first, but there is an amazing scene later that the artist uses to bring color to the world. It was so perfectly done in my opinion I can't really describe it with a word any less than breathtaking. The art in the beginning sort of reminds me of that old Clerks cartoon, but as it goes you can tell that they are taking every opportunity to improve and make their story into something personal. You're all probably sick to death of me saying it, but I just love watching an artists style slowly evolve and change, Between Failures is no exception to that love. It is such a great curve of change you almost don't notice it happen until that one scene I mentioned before.

The story is something I'm sure we can all identify with. Of course we could, it's a realistic situation. A group of friends just trying to make a living as best they can. Each person has their own doubts, their own worries, triumphs,  joys, and even loves. It hits pretty close to home with Thomas' story. For a long while, I felt like he did. No goals, no drive, just sort of existing, but not living, and when I realized that, it hurt in a god way. I felt myself in Thomas, without the snarky attitude of course, and quickly forged a connection to him, and any storyteller worth their salt should be able to bring that kind of feeling out in some shape of form.

If you like slice of life stories, give this one a read. Fair warning, things get kind of heavy so anyone who is prone to tears be wary, they's some heart wrenching bits. If you've never considered giving this genre a try, I say make this one your first. It strikes a deep cord that you won't soon forget, and will keep on reading just to watch things develop. 

As usual, the creator has  Patreon if you're feeling generous. I also have one if you like my reviews.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.