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Review: Amber Ella

Amber Ella is a pretty new webcomic up on the interwebs about a monster hunting teen girl and her shape shifting tanuki sidekick, Kohaku. With a tough attitude and some fighting skills to back it up, Amber seems to be a force to be reckoned with.

I found this particular comic by pure happenstance, was simply browsing around when it seems to pop up in my feed one day. Can’t remember what page caught my attention, all I know is that the art style really drew me towards it. The artist takes perfect advantage of his stylistic choices, giving the characters very big expressions and easily defined silhouettes, and also showing off Kohaku’s shape shifting powers while giving him his own personality. I can’t tell you how many times a sidekick’s only defining characteristic is that they’re the “sidekick”. With Amber and Kohaku, it is easily seen that they are partners and friends before anything else.

The story so far seems to be somewhat episodic, though since it is still on the first arc of its debut we’ll have to see if there is a long running story in the works. At the moment, it is simply about a young girl and her buddy hunting down a werewolf and all the shenanigans that happen in between. For what is up, it is a solid story, a good foundation with plenty of potential for development in the future, and plenty of questions that will keep you wondering about it as you read.

As stated before, the art style is very eye catching. As far as I’ve seen, and since most of the comic so far has taken place either at night or in the earliest hours of the godforsaken morning, it is full of shadows and dark colors everywhere. All the characters facial features are totally unique and easily identifiable. I will say Amber’s design does remind me of someone, I can’t quite put my figure on who though. Might be a character the maker drew inspiration from, but who knows? 

All in all, Amber Ella is a rough and tumble adventure full of monster hunting and bloodshed. While I don’t know the definite update schedule, I will be following this story for as long as possible, and I hope you will give it some love like I am, new comics need all the support they can get.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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