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Review: Alice and the Nightmare


Alice and the nightmare is a spin-off of the classic novel by Lewis Carroll: Alice in Wonderland. In that story, Alice is a young girl who follows a white rabbit and tumbles down a hole into a strange, wondrous, and positively mad adventure. Here, however, Alice is an inhabitant of Wonderland, not only that she is also the protege of the Red Queen, who in the Lewis Carroll  book was a power mad bully with a habit of having people’s heads chopped off, here she is a benevolent ruler and possibly a god of some sort as is later explained in the story.

The story focuses on Alice Heart, a young woman who is on her way to the prestigious Phantasmagoria University where she will learn to harness the powers all Wonderlandians have. It is their duty to harvest the energy from human dreams that pour into their world and us this energy to power everything in their lives, “from the simplest clock to the most complex engine.” As the Queen’s protege people seem to gravitate towards Alice, treating her like royalty herself despite the fact that all she wants is some real friends and to learn as much as possible can while attending this school.

As we read we will see that the people are separated into four categories known as Suits, a common theme in the Wonderland universe. They are Spades, Hearts, Clubs, and Diamonds and this is how the class system is ranked as well, with Diamonds at the bottom being heavily discriminated against for reasons that have been hinted at, but not really explained just yet. Each suit has a power they can harness while in the “dreamscape” that will help them survive whatever they encounter.

The art is very well done, not having the chaotic madness that is more popular in spin-offs of this story but instead focusing on a very solid story with interesting characters and quite amazing lore. If you have been following Alice and the Nightmare for as long as I have then you’ll also know that this is actually a reboot of the artist’s original attempt of this webcomic. While the first time did have its charm it was incredibly flawed and didn’t have proper story flow to it. The current form of this comic is wonderfully done still having the interesting charm to it but more focused and honed. I honestly can’t wait to read more of this comic, every week I wait eagerly for the next pages so I can travel deeper down this creative and interesting rabbit hole.

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And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.