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Review: A Book for Monsters

Sorry for the absence last week, hope you guys and gals understand. Now that I’m back let get on to what we all know you wanna read!

A Book for Monsters  is a relatively new comic over on Tapastic about a young girl named Magda who was seemingly kidnapped and taken to the strange supernatural depths of the pacific northwest. She just wakes up on a bus all of a sudden and BOOM our story begins.

It’s relatively short at the moment due to the creators time being cut short by school starting up again, so it’s the perfect time to get into this interesting story if you feel so inclined. 

The story has a lot of potential, with a mystery looming over our main character and a badass eyepatch-wearing lady to back her up, hopefully, Magda can last. Of course, because it is so short with only twenty-five updates so far, it may be a little harder to find interest in this comic than most. It also has strange dialogue placement in a few pages that make it kind of difficult to tell exactly how that page is supposed to be read through. It almost feels like the creator was trying to write the comic in manga format, then at others, it feels like normal western comic format.

The art style is cute if I had to call it anything. It looks pretty rough around the edges at the moment, which you guys know I don’t mind at all but some of you might so keep that in mind. It does kind of irk me that the characters in this story all have four fingers, it probably wouldn’t if there weren’t panels that literally focused on their hands! Of course growing up on cartoons the way I did, I’m used to the four finger trope, just not sure why it bothers me in this instance is all.

It’s a story of a young girl discovering the supernatural on her journey to discover what the hell is going on. Sounds like a synopsis for a young adult novel, doesn’t it? If you like that sort of thing check A Book for Monsters out, if not that’s fine, plenty of other comics on the web for you to enjoy. 

If you like this story enough, consider becoming a patron over on their patreon campaign. You can get high-res versions of the comic and if you pledge high enough you can have requests done in a livestream. Also if you like my reviews, I also have a patreon page, check it out, let me know how I can improve it, and most of all enjoy reading comics.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.