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Review: 4-B

4-B is a story of a young man who moves from New York out to a small town somewhere in Georgia and all the shenanigans that happen while he’s there.

Our protagonist’s name is Thomas Brown, and he is what I would call socially awkward. He seems to shun anyone who attempts to establish some kind of friendship with him and responds with hostility to most situations. He’s also a bit of a clean freak, how this will play out in the future only time, and the many adventures that seem to sneak up on him will tell.

The story starts out as a simple “boy in a new town” cliche, with the nice guy trying to buddy up to Thomas immediately. It is pretty standard in the first couple of pages, nothing new to see, and then we take a trip down supernatural avenue and boy is that turn sudden. I mean, one second Thomas is just trying to put up with these kids and the next one is talking to ghosts, another might be a vampire or a wendigo, the next is a witch I think and the others I have no clue yet. One hell of a bombshell gets dropped with this strange initiation ritual that reveals all this, and he reacts accordingly, aside from the fact that the illusions seen during seem to cause him physical harm. Why? Not a freaking clue as of yet. Once more, only time will tell.

The art in the first pages is, and I know I say this a lot, rough. I mean reallyrough, as in rough draft level. The artist does a good job drawing everyone’s expressions with what they have and does their best making scenery, which is awe striking. With how simple everything is in the first chapter there is a very solid build to this comic and I genuinely want to see how much this artist grows into their craft.

While not the best art wise you can tell there is definite love put into this story and you can tell that they are slowly improving in their artistic abilities as the comic progresses. It has an interesting, albeit cliche story that has a nice helping of mystery to keep you asking questions. The adventure of Thomas Brown and the little town in Georgia begins and I’ll be keeping my eye on it for the time being.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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