"Full Disclosure" - Discovering Steven Universe (Episode #52)

"Full Disclosure" (2015) - S2E1


Steven tries to avoid Connie so he doesn't have to tell her about his most harrowing adventure. (via steven-universe.wikia.com)

"The Return" & "Jailbreak" - Discovering Steven Universe (Episode #51)

"The Return" (2015) - S1E48
"Jailbreak" (2015) - S1E49


After getting his usual fry bits from Peedee, Steven talks to Greg about the Crystal Gems countering against Peridot's robonoids. Suddenly, they, as well as the rest of Beach City, see a strange object in the sky: a giant, green hand pointing directly at them. (via steven-universe.wikia.com)

Continuing from the previous episode after his defeat by Jasper, Steven wakes imprisoned in a cell, blocked by an electric, yellow force field. Eventually after discovering that as a half-human he can walk through it, he sets out to find the others. He finds an irate Gem prisoner named Ruby, who is surprised to see him penetrate the force fields so easily without any harm whatsoever. (via steven-universe.wikia.com)

Review: Honey Crab

Honey Crab is a wonderfully animated webcomic about a young woman named “Luka” Koller who is suddenly granted a strange and mysterious power after a dare turned accident. 

The comic opens with a game style name screen, a wonderful touch since the name you give her actually carries through the rest of the comic adding a slightly deeper connection to the character right from the start. I named her “Luka” so for the sake of the review I’ll stick with that.

Our story begins with Luka playing her favorite game “Honey Bun” on the final boss and about to get the high score. Upon its inevitable defeat, she eagerly waits for the game to tally up her points, show her completion time, rate her item collection, and finally grant her the perfect score with a 100% exploration rate. Sadly it appears that she missed something and it tauntingly tells her to try again next time. The resulting scream of frustration wakes her father and prompts a mini-lecture/promise of bedtime alterations should she be able to stay awake through breakfast the next day. That next day turns out to be full bravery on her part, but also some rash decisions as a dare turns into Luka plummeting off the edge of what we discover to be the tower like island that they live on. This is where she meets a strange old woman with a crab claw for a hand, and this youngs girls life looks to be changed drastically as a result.

Honey Crab is relatively new from what I can tell but even with its young age, there is a very obvious love put behind each and every panel and animation. The music, as well as the lighting and atmosphere, do wonders for the mood from synthesizer songs at the beginning to highlight the game she’s playing all the way to Ghibli styled music as they make their way to the beach for work. I could listen to that tune for hours it’s so relaxing.

When the crab woman shows up there is an obvious mystery to her that is only barely touched upon. I’d love to see more of her story, but since this isn;t about her just yet we’ll have to be patient for the moment. Color me excited for where this plot thread goes.

The art is just stunning looking almost like each part was free handed with water colors. I can almost see someone setting up and easel and doing each scene one at a time. The transitions from page to page are amazingly done as well, sliding around to show who is speaking when as well as giving a sort of faux movement to the characters. You do have the option of turning the animations off and reading it as a normal comic but I think you would really be missing out on one of the charms Honey Crab has to offer.

All in all, I think this comic has a lot of potential behind it. It has a spunky main character, (Who you can name yourself. Really love that touch) a mystery that is to be unraveled, and some beautiful art. If the art alone isn’t enough to get you hooked I don’t know what will.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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"Political Power" - Discovering Steven Universe (Episode #50)

"Political Power" (2015) - S1E47


The Gems cause a power outage in Beach City, and Steven helps Mayor Bill Dewey do damage control. (via steven-universe.wikia.com)

Review: Monster Lands

So fun fact for today’s review, the creator actually contacted me via twitter to check out their comic. Pretty awesome when people actively want a critique of their work, always puts a smile on my face when someone asks me for a review since it happens so rarely. Now then, onto the important bits.

Monster Lands is a “fantasy/dramedy” about an axe-wielding adventurer named Othera and her adventures through a strange and rather unique world full of rather…. Interesting people which include but are not limited to: Talking trees, The Necromancer, a swindler, a tyrant (who appears to not handle criticism as well as she should), and many others.

Our story opens up with Othera happening upon a village that is unable to visit the nearby river thanks to some evil trees, you remember right? The talking ones I mentioned? Yeah, turns out they’re a right bunch of jerks. Of course, our heroine attempts to teach them other ways to find fun that doesn’t include harassing the locals but inevitably results in all the trees being chopped down. When she comes back she is shocked to find some scrawny kid taking credit for her good deed and making a profit from it. Words are exchanged, a challenge is issued by a fairy, and events don’t go quite as you would think.

This story is pretty fun as it makes some rather clever jokes about the fantasy genre as a whole, but at the same time really shows its love for it as well. It takes the time to slowly build this fascinating world while still working to entertain you without subtracting from the story. My favorite chapter so far is probably the one titled “Ship Approaching” that doesn’t appear to have any connection to the rest of the cast as of yet but seems to be setting up for something. It is a fun side story that I hope is revisited again later on.

The art style in the first few pages are very heavy on the black “inking” I guess you could call it. It feels like they were supposed to be done in black and white but suddenly the artist decided to do it in color. As things progress they seem to ease up and let the colors breath, not choking them out with so many dark areas like before. Honestly, I can’t wait to see how the art improves even further down the line.

 Also, as a side note, for some reason, while reading Monster Lands I started thinking about those old Archie comics from way back when. Not sure why but this comic really hit me with some nostalgia for those. Might check out that reboot they started a while ago.

Anyways, this is a fun love letter to the fantasy genre. Give it a read and see if you can spot any references that I missed.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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Review: R:IL Persona

R:IL Persona is an action webcomic about a young man who wakes up in the middle of a bloodbath with no memory of how he got there, who he is, or even and I’m quoting here “when he last took a shit.” Needless to say, things are quite confusing for our amnesiac hero.

Thankfully he wasn’t there alone because soon his partner shows up and gives him, and by extension us, a quick rundown of the status quo. His name is Rade and she is Strykes, they are both members of a special combat unit known as Diavolo and they are both highly trained assassins. Or at least Rade is supposed to be, but with his memories gone his has to rely on simple muscle memory and gut feelings. Honestly, this is where our story begins but I have an inclination to think that this isn’t where Rade’s does and I can’t wait to see how this bloody, political sci-fi story takes us.

Speaking of, the story itself takes place in the middle of a war and we get plenty of perspective as the story switches occasionally between the two sides. We see how a commanding officer views the people she is charged with protecting, as well as get some interesting hints at a backstory from a foot soldier. So far though we’ve only had enough information to have the world of this comic built so what we lack is entirely contextual much like Rade himself. He lacks information so why shouldn’t the readers as well? It will make it that much more fun when we get the answers we want.

The art style borrows heavily from manga and anime, having large over the top expressions as well as having Japanese text popping up for attack or ability names, not to mention the actual title itself.

As a fan of all sorts of manga I personally don’t really have an issue with the style, I feel right at home in fact since I was reading manga way before I ever got into comics or webcomics. I can see how some other people might think they are trying to “copy” or “rip off” the style but that’s the thing, it’s a style. I’ve read plenty of comics that have inspirations from manga, and some manga with inspiration from western comics. It is really going to depend on your personal taste.

Now there hasn’t been anything that would require me to post this to patreon only, but I do feel the need to warn any of you who might be squeamish that R:IL Persona is bloody and violent. No punches are pulled here, you see blood and guts in the first chapter so be warned.

If you like mysteries, carnage, and aren’t afraid of a crude line of two, then give this a read. If not let me know what kind of comics you do like. I’m always happy to check out more.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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Review: Scurry

Scurry is a post-apocalyptic comic that focuses not on the last remnants of human survivors struggling to live in a destroyed world but instead shows us the lives of a colony of mice as well as various other animals living in a world without humans whom they have come to rely on for their daily lives.

We open with a young scavenger named Wix and his rat friend named Umf looking through a house for food and other supplies, sadly many of the houses in the area have been picked clean years ago. He does his best to find even the smallest scrap that was missed and winds up in a desperate situation involving a few cats, including one named Titan who he seems to have a history with. One narrow escape later and the two rodents make their back to the colony where everything is hanging by a single thread and one mouse wants to tug on it until he has his way.

Now this story is fantastic while relying on the tropes of the apocalypse genre, it gives the reader a new perspective by focusing on the animals after all the humans have long since died, or at least we think they died. We are always taught that if humans vanished from the face of the Earth the world would continue to spin with even a thought spared by the remaining creatures, but what if that wasn’t the case? It’s such an interesting “What if” scenario with loads of potential some of which has already been displayed in the story so far. There is action, drama, intrigue and much more just brimming with story and peaking my curiosity of this version of our world. I honestly think this is one of my favorite comics of its type so far, and I intend to keep reading it until its last page. I don’t know why, but I keep wanting to compare it all to The Rats of Nym for some reason, they aren’t really similar at all but given long enough I’m sure someone could find a few things.

The art is just gorgeous using a realistic style instead of a more cartoony one that would, in my opinion, really subtract from the entire experience. As it is now, the world is shown to be what you would expect it to be. Dark, dangerous, and filled with predators that want to eat our main characters. From cats to hawks, foxes to moose, crows and much more, we see a world of animals simply living and in some cases watching. Each and every page is amazing to look at, from the fine details to the lighting and atmospheric tones. It is all well refined and practiced obviously showing the love the creator has for this project.

If you like stories of the apocalypse as well as ones with animal main characters, I highly recommend you check out Scurry, you won’t be disappointed.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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Review: The Glass Scientist

The Glass Scientist is a wonderful fantasy comic set in the Victorian era that is both a wonderful spin off as well as an incredible homage to the classic Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story. 

It opens with a monolog of a strange man calling himself the “Spirit of London at night” when suddenly a werewolf begins charging through the streets, followed quickly by a very conveniently prepared angry mob. You see, in this world, not only were people like the famous Frankenstein real, but they are actually very famous and have inspired many others to pursue “Rogue Science.” 

After a quick chase the young lycanthrope is cornered and about to be hauled off despite his enduring protests that he must return to his lab, or else, a lovely carriage pulls up and stuns the crowd into silence. Who else steps out but none other that the famous socialite Dr. Henry Jekyll. He not only convinces the police officials that this young werewolf can be reintegrated into society but also shows that the mob may have been a touch intimidating for a new on a young man who was simply scared and panicked already. After a quick stop to the young boy’s lab to pick up his….. many furry research subjects, they soon make their way to the Society of Arcane Science, and we are introduced to a multitude of wonderfully colorful characters and personalities. We also catch a glimpse of the good doctor’s greatest secret, one that could spell the doom for all his friends should even one mistake be made.

I absolutely adore this story. It has all the small quirks and amazing details of a work that has been in development for years, not to mention the love and care put into crafting the world. While not a huge fan of the “Jekyll and Hyde” theory I do like it when it is executed properly, and where better can it be executed than with the actual Dr. Jekyll himself? Admittedly I never read the original work I have seen many adaptations of it that I am very familiar with the basic formula. They have ranged from deep and tortured souls, all the way too goofy unrealistic performance. Looking at you Spiderman movie! 

When done right, the “Jekyll and Hyde” theory can be very intriguing and very haunting. One single character having two personalities is a treasure trove for writers, but more often than not it is never done well. I’m happy to say that here it not only works beautifully it is the very foundation for the main character giving plenty of room for development as the story progresses. From the haunting scenes of Henry talking to his own reflection to the comedic antics of Hyde out on the streets of London, it is definitely a relationship full of potential.

Moving to the art I suppose like our leading man you could separate the art into two distinct portions as well. We have the bright and colorful world of Dr. Jekyll as he fills the area with his charisma and pretty words, and on the flip side, we have the dark and somewhat gloomy world that Hyde not only calls his own but seems to absolutely revel in it. These two contrasting moods are blended very well by the appearance of either person and give a very clear signal of when these changes are about to occur. 

While the art is very polished and well practiced already, I personally can’t wait to see how and when their style changes and evolves as all art tends to do. Overall though I think that the art matches beautifully with the narrative that has been placed before us and can’t wait for the next update.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

While there doesn’t appear to be a patreon page for The Glass Scientist (I may be wrong, if so shoot me a message or leave a comment and an edit shall be made asap) but there is a shop you can visit and get some cool merch including a neat “Prologue” comic to this one called “The Bleeding Heart”. If you like my reviews and want to show your support, consider becoming a patron over on my patreon page! All reviews are still free to read, I simply use patreon for the more Adult comics. there is no paywall, just consider it a tip jar of sorts. Thanks so much for reading, see you next week!

Review: Magical Girl Neil

Magical Girl Neil, as you can probably put together from the title, is the story of a young man who must fight dark and dangerous creatures…. As a Magical Girl, or if you wanna go full anime Mahou shoujo. Now I haven’t watched a lot of Magical Girl anime or read any manga, I believe that the ones I remember watching as a kid were Sailor Moon and Card Captor Sakura so my knowledge of that genre is a bit lacking, however, when it comes to stories of inheriting power and coming to terms with a whole new identity I have read quite a few.

As stated, Neil has inherited his powers, from his mother to be precise. They are actually from a long line of Magical Girls, the powers being passed from mother to daughter. Turns out there was actually an incredibly small chance that he would inherit these powers as well and his mother was hoping against all chances that he would be skipped over. Obviously, things don’t go as planned.

After a week of sleep deprivation, after his mother gives the entire explanation as best she can, Neil finally gives in and allows the powers he has been denying this entire time to manifest properly. A rough battle ensues, his mother is brought to the brink of sacrificing herself to save her loved ones, and Neil uses his head and defeats the monster in what I would call a very Hail Mary move. Thus begins the life of a very complex teenage life of our Hero/Heroine.

I’m no stranger to gender bend story lines, although most of the time these kinds of plots take place in video games where you can change your physical appearance easily. To have a main character who actually is more or less forced to change genders is something I haven’t come across all that often. Not to mention our main character has one of the worst kinds of personalities for being a superhero. He is stubborn, prefers to keep to himself, and hates interacting with people so you can imagine how troubling it is for him to have to start saving the day all of a sudden.

The story is fun and interesting, giving a clever twist on the Mahou Shoujo genre as well as gender bending. More often than not, in my own opinion at least, gender bending a character feels awkward and forced, it can work if done right, but I have only read a handful of stories that actually do. Magical Girl Neil I am happy to say indeed does it wonderfully.

The art, in the beginning, feels like they are trying to copy actual manga styles at first but as they get more practice in you can see they start to develop their own style and begin evolving their art process. I will say that the way the mother is drawn with her eyes closed kept bothering me at first, but that kind of detail bothers me in most things. After reading the comic and getting into it I found myself less bothered and more accepting of it as I am a sucker for good mother characters.

If you want a comic about Magical Girls that is a bit more unorthodox that what you are used to I highly recommend you give Magical Girl Neil a read.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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"Say Uncle" - Discovering Steven Universe (Episode #47)

"Say Uncle" (2015) - S2E3


A long lost relative of Steven's comes to town to aid him in unlocking the power of his mother's gem. (via steven-universe.wikia.com)

Review: Oath Anthology

The Oath Anthology is a graphic novel with a few different stories featuring Queer superheroes. Ranging from lighthearted and comedic, all the way to heavy and dramatic. Each one tells a different tale and shows off various writing and art styles.

This is a book that I backed on Kickstarter quite a while ago and can only say the wait is well worth it. The LGBTQ community rarely gets any Super love and this comic really shows how interesting and downright intriguing a non-binary superhero could be. Now I may know quite a bit about Marvel and DC but I don’t know everything so if there is a Super in any of their comics that is Queer, please let me know so I can check them out.

Because this is a bunch of small stories put into one book you don’t get a lot in the ways of character, this is more about experiencing each one and then letting the entire thing just sink in. Some make you smile, others make you frown, there was even one story about a hero couple and their son picking his first super suit that got me a little teary-eyed. 

As someone who is still slowly discovering themselves I can firmly say that Oath is a wonderful collection of sweet and heart-wrenching stories that can resonate with you if given the chance.  So happy to add it to my collection and excited to follow the artists that wrote each one and watch their future works.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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"Open Book" - Discovering Steven Universe (Episode #45)

"Open Book" (2015) - S1E50


Steven and Connie want a new ending to a beloved book series, so Steven takes them into Rose’s Room to re-enact it. (via steven-universe.wikia.com)

Review: Deprived

Today’s comic is a bit different than the usual ones I’ve reviewed in the past. Instead of a completely original world populated by characters and creatures from the creator’s very own mind, this is a fan comic based in the world of Dark Souls 3, a very tough RPG style game set in a Medival fantasy world filled with knights, magic, dragons, and horribly hard boss fights.

Deprived: A Dark Souls Story tells the tale of an unkindled woman namedAshemma who wakes up in a graveyard with no memory of who she is, aside from her own name of course, or where she came from. After a quick lesson she learns that she will have to fight to survive in this new and frightening place, so she grabs the only things that seem to have been left for her, an old wooden shield and club, and an Estus flask, a strange creation used by undead to heal wounds and restore vitality. So begins our heroine’s journey to discover the secrets of Lothric, as well as the secrets of herself.

While I’m not usually a big reader of fan comics, not out of any malice or anything they just don’t really interest me, this is what I would call a diamond in the rough. After marathoning the games, playing them as well as watching playthroughs of them, I fell deeply in love with the world that was crafted by all the developers of this series. It’s bloody and full of plenty of action and harsh punishments for making even the smallest mistake, but once you learn and start to adapt it becomes a harrowing experience to play. 

The story of Deprived follows closely with the story of DS3 so if you want to learn more about that perhaps think about checking out the games or even watching some Let’s Plays for them, I will be focusing on Ashemma’s character mostly for this review.

Ashemma is frightened, courageous, strong, and unrelenting but more than anything she is alone. In this strange solitude, she seems to have found an odd comfort in the memories of the souls of enemies she defeats.From a man sharing a tender kiss with beautiful woman to a young boy born with a deformity who found companionship in a small dog she slowly becomes attached to these memories, still capable of knowing they are separate from herself but holding these small preserved moments of these long forgotten people close to her heart and feeling genuine emotion when the threat of losing them looms before her. This is a wonderful touch in my opinion as it gives the souls you collect through the game a much deeper meaning and a connection for you to grasp onto. It gives Ashemma opportunities to develop as a character as you see her reactions to each one, even going as far as to give a polite cough while blushing when she “sees” the kiss scene. I can only imagine what other memories she will see as she progresses through Lothric. I am particularly excited about the fact that the artist has said that they will be accurate to the game as much as possible right down to item and enemy placement. So we will not only get to see our young heroine grow as a character but also as a fearsome warrior. 

Another fun note that I want to add is that so far this entire story is being told through mostly a visual style, which is one of my favorite ways to execute a comic. It relies on the action of each panel and the expressions of Ashemma to tell its narrative. Now, I did say “mostly” because if you so choose there are also lines for a novelesque story written beneath each page(after the Prologue) that are Ashemma’s “voice”. While not having actual spoken lines we basically read the thoughts she has about the actions of each page. She gives an account of what happens to her and how she feels afterward. It is executed wonderfully so that you can enjoy this story with or without the added written portion, but I highly suggest you read it if you would like to build a closer connection to Ashemma.

The art is a perfect match for the story. Mostly in black and white, with small splashes of color here and there including Ashemma’s eyes and her flask. It captures the dark and twisted world of Dark Souls 3 beautifully. In all honesty, I thought this was an official project sanctioned by the Dark Souls dev. team. Imagine how surprised I was to find it was actually the work of dedicated fans. I can only imagine how the artists will add their own flare to future enemies and I am incredibly eager to find out.

If “fan comics” is a genre, I would make Deprived my top pick for it hands down. It tells the story of the game amazingly but through the eyes of a character that we can become attached to and watch develop instead of something we customize then just pump thousands upon thousands of souls into so we can beat the next boss. We panic when Ashemma is in danger, we cry when she cries, and we feel proud as she defeats an incredibly difficult enemy. I look forward with great pleasure to adding this wonderful tale to the world of Dark Souls in my personal canon, and hope you find the time to give it a chance as well.

If you’d like to help out and support the makers of this comic check out their Patreon over here and if you’d like to just keep up with their work, in general, why not follow them over @endrianmanga . Like my reviews? Feel like supporting me in some way? Why not check out my own Patreon right over here?

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Late To The Video Game: UNDERTALE

[Full Transcript Coming Soon]
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Welcome to the first video in a series that I have wanted to do for a long... LONG time. "Late To The Video Game" is my video game review series where I will be touching on games of the past that I never got to play for various reasons, but finally get to. And I'll be determining whether these games stand the test of time or not (and whether they've aged like a fine wine, for the lesser-loved games of the past). For the first ever episode of this series, I bring you a review of UNDERTALE on its 1 year anniversary/birthday!

(Originally posted to YouTube: September 15, 2016)
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* Playthrough Platform: Steam/PC
* Digital Retail: $9.99
* Steam Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/391540

Review: Chaotic Nation

First of all, I’d like to apologize for the lateness of this review. The internet here was down for most of the day due to a storm last night, but it is back and things should progress smoothly.

Chaotic Nation tells the story of two young men, Areitus a human mage, which is something unheard of in this society, and Taron a hot-headed sword fighter whose mouth is sharper than his skills. Together they travel around looking for a purpose in their lives. Well, the mage does at least, Taron is more along to make sure his friend doesn’t get hurt or worse.

After coming across a young woman being mugged she introduces them to a resistance group dedicated to fighting the strange race of magic users that kidnap people and kill for the fun of it. Thinking he could finally do some good Areitus decides to join them while Taron is less than thrilled. Together along with the group known as Final Ground, they embark on a journey fraught with danger and peril at every turn.

The story is interesting, having some intrigue and some fun characters as well as an overhanging plot that really foreshadows some intense circumstances later to come. While it’s not too played out, the unique magic user up against an army of evil magic users, it does have its own personal flare with how magic is used and the incantations that they speak to cast a spell.

The art is wonderful if a bit static when it comes to action sequences. When they are just standing or walking while speaking to one another it is very easy to just get sucked into the world, but when combat starts that’s when things kind of get iffy. There doesn’t look to be any motion in some of the early fight scenes which really catches you eye in an unflattering way. Thankfully as the story progresses, and the artist improves at their craft, you can see a clear difference between the past fights and the current ones, so if you stick it out and try not to be a nitpicker too much you’ll come to enjoy this comic very much.

While I didn’t find a patreon anywhere like usual the artist does have an Etsy page you can visit and snag some cool merch from them, fair warning though, they sell some pretty risque items. You have been warned. Along with that you might want to follow their tumblr of @zyephens-insanity for any future updates or if you just wanna check out their stuff. If you like my reviews, please be sure to check out my Patreon page, maybe give me some ideas for reward tiers as well.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Review: West

West is a comic that tells the story of Jed, a Soul Hunter traveling West towards the Land of the Dead. In a very shamanic fashion, his duty seems to be to help restless souls find peace where ever he goes, even if he has to use force. You see in this world restless souls can become demons, and demons tend to attack first and not ask for salvation later.

Jed seems to be a respectable man, albeit sarcastic and snarky at times who takes his duty as a Hunter very seriously, even going so far as to become enraged when others refuse to help people in need. Bare in mind this is only the first chapter so he has plenty of room to grow and evolve so I have my hopes up that he will and plan on enjoying as much of it as possible.

The story has yet to really delve into the world and its history at the moment but what it does have is really interesting and tribal, having a heavy Inuit inspiration from what I can tell, of course, I’m not a history expert so I may have the culture completely wrong, in which case feel free to correct me!

The art is somewhat sketchy and rough, but as you probably know I am a fan of evolving art styles. there can only be improvement once you start a craft, and West holds that very same potential. I especially love the designs of the demons in later pages, looking so eerie and dangerous with the lighting perfectly encompassing that threat. Can only imagine how they will appear down the road when this comic has a good year or two more under its belt.

Strangely, the support page does have a Patreon link but it just gives an Error message, so if you’d like to show some love to this comic follow it on Tumblr over @stoneglobe and check out the artist’s twitter @scampicub as well as the Tumblr of the same name, and if you like my reviews, check out my patreon over here!

This is a relatively slow updating comic at the moment but here’s to hoping for some interesting and amazing storytelling in the future.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.