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Nerding Out Since 1984,
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William "PapaKenn" Damron: A professional who will work with you to get your ideal computer built; repair your broken/infected computer; meet your various video production needs, and much more!

Papa Kenn Media: A progressive and forward-thinking journalism resource for video games, movies, television, books, and more!




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Services Offered

Custom PC Builds

Want a powerful Gaming PC? Want a Media Control Center for your home? Want a basic PC that isn't clogged with "bloatware" from the big retail stores? You can get exactly what you want from a PC without having to pay so much more for the cute little name-brand logo!


Computer technology is advancing every day. As a result, chances are that your old PC/laptop is either struggling to play the latest games, or runs much slower than when you first bought it. New RAM, hard drives, video cards, etc might be the very solution you're looking for, and PapaKenn will work with you to get exactly what you need!

Social Media Management

Having a presence on Social Media is a necessity for businesses these days, and for many it's just not possible to manage both their business and its social media in a timely manner. Working with PapaKenn, you'll not only have a partner willing to discuss and develop your goals in the social media world, but a customer-service minded advocate to help keep the customers coming back!

Refurbished PCs & laptops

In the market for a new computer but can't afford the "new computer" prices? Take a look at our refurbished PCs and laptops! These have been repaired, thoroughly cleaned, and updated to work better & more efficiently than when they were first sold to their original owners.                                

Video Recording & Production

If you have an event in need of recording, you can rely on PapaKenn's camera to do the job. If you have pictures and/or video clips you need put into a collage video (and a DVD if desired) with music, you can rely on PapaKenn's self-taught video editing to get the job done.                              


Home Film/Video Conversion To Digital
Same/Next-Day Photo Printing
Professional Photography

Computer Repairs

Stuff happens. Your computer stops working; your disc drive stops spinning; a virus infects your hard drive. Unfortunately, these things happen all the time and often at the most inconvenient of times. PapaKenn will analyze the problem and get you a solution as quickly as he possibly can!

Creating & Managing Websites

It's easier than ever to make a website in today's online world, but even then it's often difficult to make sure it is updated regularly with relevant information and changes to your business. With PapaKenn's help, not only can he get your website set up how you want, but he can be relied upon to support your website when needed.


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— Mark Twain