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SEPTEMBER 2011:  PapaKennMedia's first video was uploaded to YouTube.
FEBRUARY 2012:  The first movie review video goes live on the PapaKennMedia YouTube channel.
NOVEMBER 2013:  The very first "Discovering..." series (Discovering Doctor Who) begins on the PapaKennMedia YouTube channel.
JANUARY 2016:  Papa Kenn Media registers as a small business in Minnesota, dedicated to online journalism and entertainment.
MAY 2017:  Papa Kenn Media becomes an LLC, expanding the focus of the business to computer services.

William “PapaKenn” Damron is an IT professional dedicated to helping his clients find their ideal computer. He is experienced at custom-built desktop computers and refurbishing and repairing broken or virus-infected desktop and laptop computers. William is also experienced in video production and website management. Stop by Papa Kenn Media today for help with your computer and media needs!




Owner, Technician, Producer

William "PapaKenn" Damron

The nerd that started it all. Papa Kenn Media started as a hobby in September 2011 when William Damron uploaded his first video to the PapaKennMedia YouTube channel. Long considering himself a "Jack Of All Trades" in computers and electronics, he decided to put his money where his mouth is by establishing Papa Kenn Media LLC, where he strives to give his customers the best possible products and results for their hard-earned money!



B.S., Computer Science, 2006
B.A., Comm Studies, 2006

Activities & Affiliations

• VidMN, YouTubers Of Minnesota, Member
• Church Of All Nations, Sound Board Operator
• Tatts By Zapp, Stillwater MN, Tech Consultant