What is Papa Kenn Media?

Papa Kenn Media started as a hobby in September 2011 when William Damron uploaded his first video to the PapaKennMedia YouTube channel. Now it is a small business that strives to bring you the best reviews, commentary, and entertainment that we can.

Our Mission

We are a progressive and forward-thinking journalism resource that covers a wide variety of topics and ideas. The primary goal as a company is to report and review these topics in various forms of media (written articles, video, etc) while striving to maintain a positive and trusting community environment for ourselves and all customers/consumers. These include, but are not limited to the review of: Movies, television shows, music, video games, books, politics, and mental health. Papa Kenn Media has a strong focus on charity, with the majority of profits going toward charitable events and organizations.

Who We are

All contributors to Papa Kenn Media, PapaKennMedia.com, and other affiliates comprise a diverse group of individuals with a strong desire to inform and entertain.