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Monday Movie Maniac: The Joker

Posted by CarissaM_VA On April - 8 - 2013 0 Comment

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Desktop-pictures-jack-nicholson-wallpapers-hd-photos-jack-nicholson-wallpaper-11Hey everyone, welcome to the newest and coolest installment of Monday Movie Maniac! The Monday Movie Maniac is, as you may already know…serious business. You may be wondering why this is the first Monday Movie Maniac post in a long while. Well, I have an answer for that, but it’s classified. If I told you, I’d have to force you to eat the top layer of a freshly opened jar of cheap peanut butter.

This week’s Maniac has been chosen by Papa Kenn himself (be sure to give him some kudos later for picking out this gem) and I will be presenting it to you in both a written and voiced format. My name is Carissa, and this post is presented to you courtesy of!

To start you off, I am going to take a minute to explain what a “Movie Maniac” is. There are two different versions of a “Movie Maniac”…you’re probably already familiar with the first version, which is Papa Kenn! He’s the snazziest movie reviewer I know and he gets down to the nitty gritty when it comes to breaking a movie down for you with both good and bad sides of a flick. This kind of “Maniac” loves movies and appreciates the work placed into them, even if they do kinda suck. The second kind of “Movie Maniac” is all about the spotlight; these are the bad guys in a movie. They do what they can to remain in the eye of the protagonist with their evil antics and they always, always deliver with their end of the “cat and mouse” game against the movie’s hero. “Movie maniacs” also see their own crimes as a sport, a performance meant to shock the masses and, fuel the hero’s inherent need to catch the bad guy.

Crazy, you say? Well, that’s why they are called “maniacs”!

This week we’re going to have a peek into the most methodically mindful Manics of them all, the only one I’ve ever seen make a purple suit look classier than the teased hair and short dresses on Gotham City’s beautifully blonde photojournalist, Vicki Vale! Before we go any further into this, tell me if the following line sounds familiar:

“Ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?”

Does that sound familiar? It should! This week’s Monday Movie Maniac is the wickedly awesome villain with a smile that can darken your brightest day. It is The Joker (featured in the Batman film, released in 1989), who is played by Jack Nicholson. This notably notable actor is also famed for his roles in other movies such as “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” and “Anger Management”!

Let me start you off with two random facts about Jack Nicholson: In an interview with Esquire magazine, he spoke about his role as The Joker. He says, he was particularly proud of his performance as The Joker and considered it a piece of pop art. Nicholson also shares a birthday with Amber Heard, who you know as Miss Hottie 406 in the movie Zombieland.

So, what makes The Joker qualify for the Monday Movie Maniac spotlight? Well, let’s start with the suit. It’s bright purple, clearly a nonthreatening and smart fashion choice; a guy with a permanent smile and a purple suit wouldn’t hurt anyone, right? It’s smart, in comparison to say, something Wolverine would wear. The suit may be classier than yellow spandex, but this version of The Joker carries himself with a gentlemanly demeanor…you know, despite his special taste for violence.

Batman attempted to save Jack Napier (who later became The Joker) in the movie’s raid scene at Gotham’s Axis Chemicals factory…after the fact he sought out the Bat for the revenge of…his face. His face, which had been mutilated as the result of a plastic surgery mishap after he took a tragic dive into the vat of chemicals at the factory during the raid after Batman’s failed attempt to save him.

Some of you may be wondering what The Joker’s overall motivation is. The answer is: he’s got none. In this film, he’s an angry  foul-minded villain that simply wants to be surrounded with chaos created by his own hand.

What’s even more maniacal? His obsession with Vicki Vale…let’s be honest, though. Can you blame him?


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That’s it for this week’s Monday Movie Maniac! Stay tuned for more stuff coming up from Papa Kenn, BlurryPhoenix, KyleIsMoody and…could there be a new member on the horizon for Team Papa Kenn?

Wait and see! Thanks for checking out this week’s Monday Movie Maniac, and I’ll see you next time!



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