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The PKM Playlist: Episode #2

Posted by Papa Kenn On January - 5 - 2013 0 Comment

Full Playlist of songs:

Hello everyone, and welcome to Episode 2 of The PKM Playlist, where I bring you four great video game related songs for your listening pleasure. I hope everyone had very happy holidays and a grand end to 2012. Let’s get 2013 started by introducing the regular format of this show! Four songs: Something old, something new, a bonus round, and a remix.

If you have a recommendation for a song in an upcoming episode, let me know by leaving a comment below or send an email to

Main Channel:

#1 – Something Old
“Frosty Village” – Diddy Kong Racing (Rare, N64, 1997)

#2 – Something New
“Snow/Snow’s Theme” – Final Fantasy XIII (Square Enix, PS3/Xbox 360, 2010)

#3 – Wild Card
“God Rest Ye Deadly Gentlemen” – Rise of the Triad (Apogee Software, PC & iOS, 1995/2010)

#4 – Remix
“The End” [One-Winged Angel] – Remix by Tefnek
Originally: “One-Winged Angel” – Final Fantasy 7 (Square, PS1, 1997)

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