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Papa Kenn Reviews: Wreck-It Ralph

Posted by Papa Kenn On November - 8 - 2012 7 Comments

This week, Papa Kenn reviews the latest animated masterpiece from Disney Animation Studios: WRECK-IT RALPH!

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“Wreck-It Ralph”
Director: Rich Moore
Writers: Rich Moore, Phil Johnston, Jennifer Lee, Jim Reardon
Starring: John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch, Adam Carolla, Alan Tudyk, Dennis Haysbert, Skrillex

Review Transcript:
From the very first time I saw a trailer for Wreck-It Ralph, my 8-year-old self (which just so happens to be eerily similar to my current self) has been going insane with excitement! As movie marketing has proven though, we can’t always take what is presented at face value. The previews lead you to believe that the movie will be nothing more than a nostalgia trip for gamer nerds like…well…me. However, I’m happy to announce that not only is the “nostalgia factor” of Wreck-It Ralph mild at best, but non-gamers will enjoy it too!


When people tell you that this movie is the Toy Story of video games, they aren’t very far off. The only reason it might fall short is because of the fact that many people don’t have the same connection to video games as they might with childhood toys.

Throughout Wreck-It Ralph, we experience a broad range of personalities amidst the primary characters that are surprisingly deep for what could be taken as simple parodies of the character archetypes of video games. Ralph is a very Donkey Kong-esque archetype from back in the original arcade days. Fix-It Felix is of course the Mario-like good guy that is heroic to the point of annoyance. Sergeant Calhoun is a badass mixture of Samus Aran, Master Chief, and Gears of War. Finally we have Vanellope von Schweetz who is a…I honestly have no idea what archetype she is supposed to represent other than tiny and cute. I believe my wife described her best, in that Vanellope looks like her youngest sister Corrie, has the personality of her next-to-youngest sister Celia, and the fashion style of her oldest little sister Katie. That means nothing to any of you that have never met them, but trust me when I say it’s accurate.

Overall there are very few gripes to be made, and they’re all fairly insignificant at best. There are moments of “rule establishment” in the arcade world that are a bit jarring and take us out of the story a little, but those moments go as quickly as they came, allowing the story to continue uninhibited.

While non-gamers and the much younger crowd might miss out on some of the insider and nostalgic jokes, Wreck-it Ralph can be enjoyed by any fan of animated films. Its deep, complex, and well made world and characters lead to more than its fair share of laughs, investment in the characters that rivals our favorites from Toy Story, and surprisingly emotional moments that might just leave you fighting back tears.

I want to see more of this arcade world, and I want to see more of these characters that I quickly grew to love and enjoy. Bring on the sequels, Disney.

I rate Wreck-It Ralph: 10/10.

I’m Papa Kenn, and I need to find an Atari 2600 right now!

See you next review!


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7 Responses so far.

  1. Fantastic work Amigo! I have to say, I really like the shorter length on your videos – makes for a tighter review – I’m a big fan of aggressive editing / short shows. Also, it means the gags you throw in are all solid GOLD!

    I’m really excited about this movie now, I can’t believe we have to wait until February!!

    • PapaKenn says:

      Thanks Arcturus! The shorter reviews are definitely easier on me too overall. Less time spent working past midnight, which is always a plus! :D I honestly, truly hope that you enjoy this movie as much as SheMovieGeek and I have.

      On the plus side, the excitement about it right now will have died down by the time it opens there. :)

  2. Mark Hobin says:

    Toy Story 3, Rango and soon to be ParaNorman all made my year end top 10 of the year. I truly wanted to give this a 10/10 but alas I cannot. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it quit a bit, but it was just too cutesy sweet. If the Wreck-It Ralph portion in the beginning had me wanting to break out my Atari 2600, the Sugar Rush section got me wanting to visit a bakery. It really didn’t deliver on the video gaming aspect. It was pretty and ONE of the best animated films of the year, just not THE best.

    Good review though! :-)

    • PapaKenn says:

      I can understand feeling that way toward the Sugar Rush section, for sure. I know some people that have told me they didn’t like the *movie* at all because of Sarah Silverman’s voice (bit of an overreaction in my opinion). For me, the major contrast of Sugar Rush to the other games worked well and felt more than appropriate for what you might see in some of the bigger arcades that still exist. Even going beyond that, just showing the contrast of one popular game to the next. In regard to the race, the heavy “Mario Kart” feel had me gripped because I kept waiting for some form of a “blue shell” to come out. Thankfully, it didn’t…although that would have been an interesting sight.

      Thank you for the comment my friend. I still think we should consider doing a “NO YOU’RE WRONG” podcast someday X-D

      • Mark Hobin says:

        That would be awesome. It was always my favorite when Siskel & Ebert disagreed strongly on a film. They had that chemistry that made it fun.

        P.S. We did both like this film so perhaps something where one liked and the other didn’t like. Did you see Cloud Atlas or The Master? I thought both pretty bad, but they have strong supporters as well.

        • PapaKenn says:

          I honestly haven’t seen either one, though I may sneak in Cloud Atlas sometime soon. Especially since this week’s “big movie” is Twilight. [dies a little inside]

          • Mark Hobin says:

            You mean you aren’t going to take the bullet and watch Breaking Dawn – Part 2? Oh Will, please reconsider. It just might make your funniest review yet. Check mine out if you live a good rant. :-)